Best Bird Watching Smartphone App

The commonest image that comes to the mind of a birder is the juggling of a field guide, binoculars, camera, and notebook. Well, this might not be true anymore because birding has taken a whole new outlook with top apps.

The birding technology for smartphone and tablets allows you to flip the guide, access notebook, maps, and even birds with just a click. While it is prudent to carry all hard copies of the field guide and notebook among others, these apps are meant to make your work easier and professional. The following are the best apps you should consider when going birding.

Peterson Birds

This app is very common for birders because it is compatible with different smartphones including iPhones and iPod touch. The app allows the user to select the plan of choice depending on his/her budget.

The full version goes for $14.99 and provides all information about 820 birds with color demonstrations, nest/egg images, searches by region and name, checklists, and rage maps among others.

It also has additional species info for easier comparison. However, other plans, the pocket edition, and free versions have some limitations on the features to apply. For example, the free version has only 160 birds, and the user is likely to miss on most of them.

The National Geographic Birds

This is one of the most comprehensive apps with vast info on over 3,000 birds. The search feature allows the user to search for birds of choice by name, size, images, behavior, and other characteristics. Besides, it has videos and audios so that you can identify birds using their calls and songs.

Range maps are designed to help users follow specific birds throughout the jungle. If you are novice and want to become a prop in birding, the app has free quizzes that test your knowledge on birds.

In addition, the app is also very helpful because it covers other things such as recommended gear lingo, community guidelines, and etiquette among others.

Sibley e-Guide to Birds

The Sibley e-Guide to birds is a comprehensive app that provides info on over 810 species. It presents the user with 6,600 illustrations that show the birds in flight at various angles, nesting imagers, and perched photos. Besides, every image comes with detailed info such as species and sub species, measurements, and regional variations.

The app has 2,300 audio records of calls and songs so that you do not have to wait and see a bird to identify it, but also use the sounds they make. This is a critical feature that allows you to look for birds especially in forested areas.

If you want to test the app, download the free version that has 20 species to test.

The Sibley eGuide to Birds App

Audubon Field Guide to Birds

This app brings a lot of information on more than 770 species that detail their behavior, nesting times, the number of eggs, family details, species, and habitats among others. It has over 3,000 colored images to identify birds, compare them in various flight positions, and perching. You can go for their free trial to test the app on your smartphone and its effectiveness for your mission.