Best Bird Watching Books

A good bird watcher is sharp on every detail that can help identify one bird from the other. In many cases, different species have very slight variations that the birder must take cognizance. To gather all this information and always stay ahead of others when birding, make sure to keep reading through birding books. The following are the best bird watching books that every birder must have.

The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior:

This book by A. Sibley, C. Elphoick, and b. Dunning is a carefully written and edited book to help birders understand not just the animals they are searching, but their habitats too. The book comes with different images of birds, habitats, and information on their species and other details. Whether you are a novice or experienced birder, this is one great companion you should never keep away.

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This book by Frank Gill is an ideal publication for people who want to look at birding from a different perspective or novices. It provides deep insights into birding so that users can learn from various habitats to behaviors of various birds. With this copy in your library, it will be just a matter of time before you can tell every bird in your backyard and the jungles around you.


The Collins Bird Guide:

This guide by L. Svensson, K. Mullarney, and D. Zetterstrom has been referred by many users as a must have for every birder who wants to identify all the birds he/she has ever heard of. The book is exploratory and covers over 700 species with detailed information for easier identification. Notably, it is designed as a guide so that users can carry and use it anywhere in the field to identify birds and make their excursions more successful.

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A Dictionary of Scientific Birds names:

This dictionary by James A. Jobling is, perhaps, one of the most comprehensive books on birds that you can ever get. It provides information on basic details about birds and answers a lot of questions that many people may have about birds. While most books cover only a specific area or family, this book has all birds and should be used as a counter-checker for others. However, it lacks inherent details about each bird, and new users might find it more difficult unless using it with other guides or books.

However, it lacks inherent details about each bird, and new users might find it more difficult unless using it with other guides or books.

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Feather Quest:

This book was written by Pette Dunne as a diary of a long time birds watching excursion so that it presents great insights on the past, present, and future of birds. Unlike other books that take a singular approach such as bird characteristics and behaviors, the author takes insightful flashbacks to explain the current situation of various birds.

It is a masterpiece for learners and those who are new to birding so that they can understand why a specific bird is rare or has gone extinct altogether.

With the book, it is also easier to envisage how the future of birds will look like. The book does not only inform, but it creates an inherent urge for readers to get involved in protecting birds.

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