15 Birds on the Endangered Species List

An endangered species is any organism classified by IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature) at a risk of becoming extinct. Concerns have been raised over the rising number of species that keep making into the Red Data Book and risking becoming extinct.

Major reasons for birds becoming extinct

Encroachment of their living areas: This is one of the top reasons driving species to extinction. As the human population continues to grow, demand for more land to build cities and cultivate more food is driving the birds away from their habitats.

Pollution: With every country striving to grow industries and elevate its economy, one outcome is increased level of pollution. These pollutants not only poison the birds but destroy their habitats completely. For example, the pollutants that are released into important riparian areas used for nesting compromises the birds’ ability to reproduce.

Global warming: While the problem of global warming continues to elicit heated debate at all levels, the impacts are felt more by animals that occupy fragile ecosystems such as birds. Rising temperatures are altering seasons and making the natural habitats intolerable. In return, the birds find it difficult to mate or even nest to continue their generations.

Hunting: While there are many books, legislations, and even policies to help identify the endangered birds and other animals, hunting is still a major threat. In some communities that attach a lot of significance to clothes made from birds’ feathers, there is an insatiable urge to kill the birds and get their products.

Poor policies and resources sharing: While watching a bird fly or hunt in the natural forest is an enthralling experience, well, it might not be to others. Many people especially in developing countries live next to the wilderness and forests that harbor the birds and other animals. However, they remain impoverished so much because they do not get revenue from touristic activities in such places. Because of this, they do not see the value of any effort to conserve such birds and keep destroying their habitats for other products.

Land use changes: Efforts to produce more food in many countries has resulted in intensive use of pesticides and other chemicals. The chemicals go up into the food chain and start poisoning the birds through bio-accumulation and bio-magnification. This brings about extensive deaths, diseases, and inability to breed.

  • 15 Birds on the Endangered Species List
  •  Forest Owlet
  •  Chimney Swift
  • Sociable Lapwing
  • Martial Eagle
  • White-bellied Heron
  • Chatham Patrel
  •  Himalayan Quail
  •  Pink-headed Duck
  •  Baer’s Pochard
  •  Mauritius Fody
  • Jerdon’s Courser
  •  Spoon-billed Sandpiper
  •  Slender-billed Vulture
  • Leah’s Macaw
  •  Sidamo Lark

While these are only 15 species on the Red Data Book of IUCN, the numbers are more. Notably, because birds move from one habitat to another either in search of food, shelter, mates, or breeding, effective protection is only possible if all stakeholders are involved. From The US, Britain, Asia, and Africa among other countries, the situation can only be captured by taking a common approach towards conserving birds. More importantly, every person including those in different fields of specialization and living in towns away from the jungle should have identify
with birds at all times. Here